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Malabar Regional Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union (MRCMPU) Limited is a Union of more than 1000 village level dairy co-operative societies located in the six northern districts of Kerala State in South India and it is owned by the dairy farmers who are members of each affiliated society and who live in the area of operation of these societies. The societies function on the pattern of the societies affiliated to the world famous Anand Milk Union Ltd. (AMUL) at Anand (Gujarat), India and hence are also known as Anand Pattern Co-op Societies or “APCOS”. The area of operation of MRCMPU Ltd. comprises of the six revenue districts of North Kerala, viz Kasaragod, Kannur, Wayanad, Kozhikode, Malappuram and Palakkad. The Union is affiliated to the state level apex body-Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (Operating under the trade name MILMA) along with its sister Unions at Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram. The head office of the Union is located at Peringolam under Kunnamangalam post office near Kozhikode.
The objective of the Union is to carry out activities conducive to the socio-economic development of the dairy farmers by effectively organizing procurement, processing and marketing of commodities as per the directions of the Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. For achieving this objective, the Union lays particular emphasis on carrying out the following activities on a commercial scale

1. The entire volume of milk produced by the farmers is purchased at remunerative prices even in surplus situations.
2. Proper processing and packing of the products are carried out in the dairies owned by the Union to guarantee product quality
  to the consumer.
3. Proper marketing of milk and dairy products are carried out on a daily basis to guarantee consumer satisfaction and thus
  maximize economic returns for the farmer.
Figures at glance

1. Date of starting operation. : 15.01.1990
2. No. of Dairy Plants : 6
3. Central Products Dairy : 1
4. No. of Milk Chilling Plants : 4
5. No. of Milk Chilling Centres : 2
6. No. of Procurement and Input Centres : 10 
7. No. of Marketing Depots : 10
8. No. of Human Resource Development Centre : 1
9. Turnover (2017-2018) : Rs. 1031.18 Crores (Rs 10311.8 Million)
10. Paid up share capital (2017-2018): Rs 49.76 crores (Rs 497.6 Million)
11. Average daily procurement of raw milk (2017-2018) : 5,93,605 Litres
12. Average daily sale of processed liquid milk (2017-2018) : 4,88,241 Litres
13. Average daily sale of Skimmed Milk Curd (2017-2018): 61,187 Litres
14. No. of farmers supplying milk to the Union (2017-2018) : 88,937

Initial Funding

Since the six districts included in the area of operation of MRCMPU Ltd. were not included in the Operation Flood Dairy Development Programme of the National Dairy Development Board of India, initial funding for the project on a part-loan and part-grant basis was provided by the Government of Switzerland through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Once the Union attained a financially sound footing, the SDC withdrew from the scene allowing the organization to grow and develop independently.


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